Chart Alerts allow Jeppesen to immediately address these changes charts. They are included in the revision updates that are mailed to. Arriving aircraft should contact Chicago Approach Control on the specified . I Charts indexed alphabetically by city name within each state. The chart training guide has been designed as a supplementary training material and is not intended for navigation. Glossary and Legends (PDF).

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    To-scale approach chart depiction of Minimum Sector Altitude (MSA) SID/DP/ STAR overview charts for “at a glance” reference using simplified depiction of. Reproduced with permission of Jeppesen. NOT FOR NAVIGATIONAL USE. © Jeppesen, Page 2. Reproduced with permission of Jeppesen. NOT FOR. Jeppesen charts. • GNS / WAAS series, "Americas for Helicopters." See page • Two versions of "WORLDWIDE" NavData. One with runways smaller.

    Major airframe repairs are available. Major engine repairs are available. There is a landing fee. A starting unit is available at the airport. One or more charts for the airport support precision approaches. A beacon light is not available. Alt Set: FL Trans alt: Safe Altitude within NM '. Charted restrictions above the assigned altitude remain mandatory. Trans level:

    Circuits not authorized. South Apron: Aircraft with wingspans less than ' 36m accessing gates 78 thru 88 use taxilane L. Aircraft with wingspans less than ' 65m , greater than ' 36m accessing gates 78 thru 88 or parking positions 93 thru use taxilane C. Twy AE restricted to aircraft with wingspan ' 80m or less when aircraft parking on DF3 or parking positions are in use.

    As required, shuttle climb. Procedure turn not authorized.

    Aviation Charts

    FL 1. Non RNAV aircraft can expect radar vectors to final. PDF Uploaded by nabatman. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document.

    At or above ' 12 2 2.

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    New procedure. N53 New procedure at this airport. SID renumbered, altitude. Taking into consideration the following conditions and except as authorized by ATC, aircraft can expect the following preferential runway combinations between the hours of and local: New chart.

    Apron 2, 3 and aprons adjoining taxiways K and Y. Noise abatement notes removed. Parking positions.

    LIPB - BOLZANO plates

    TM 28 MAR VDA, recommended altitude added, profile. FL ' Trans alt: Trans alt: Procedure bearing. Related Interests Nature. Giorgio Pupillo. More From nabatman. Popular in Geology. Mark Moore. Enguerra Rae Pura. Waseem Ahmed Soomro. Veenoy Dabee. Shoaib Alam. Naava Basia. Dakshina Murthy. Deepak Kumar. Didier Sanon. Abbreviations and Glossary Introduction: Airport Signs.

    Chart Change Notices Chart Change Notices are textual notices containing changes to Jeppesen charts not known sufficiently in advance for inclusion on the chart itself. Since timely notification is essential, the data is published in the form of a Chart Change Notice. The information is listed as a Chart Change Notice until it appears on a revised chart, or if temporary, until the situation ends. Click on the link below for current Chart Change Notices.

    Notices and Alerts.

    Enroute Text Additional general text information that relates to the Enroute Charts that is not included on in order to reduce the amount of clutter, thereby, increasing the readability of pertinent information. Additional information at the end fold of the Enroute chart may also contain: Individual enroute charts are sold for the sole purpose to replace lost or damaged charts that are part of an active Airway Manual subscription.

    Single enroute charts are not available without the supporting Airway Manual text, legend and other supporting information. Area Charts Enlargement of specific areas of Enroute charts. Used to give a less cluttered view around larger, high-traffic airports. Includes terrain contours where applicable. Terminal Text General information used for the terminal charts which is not chart specific. Includes general Text and Tables which is supplemental to the Terminal charts.

    Below are examples of the standard types of charts contained within the terminal section. These include: Within the United States, the charts are filed alphabetically by state, and then by city name within each state. All other regions are filed alphabetically by city only. Military approach charts are not included within our chart services. However, if a customer needs military approaches, they can be ordered separately.

    Jeppesen only publishes military charts that have been approved for civilian use. The airport chart is normally printed on the back of the first approach chart in an airport sequence.

    Airport charts also additional information such as communications, take-off and alternate minimums, and IFR departure procedures. Separate airport charts may be included to display detailed ramp and parking positions or low visibility taxiway routes. SID ICAO - A designated instrument flight rule IFR departure route linking the aerodrome or a specified runway of the aerodrome with a specified point, normally on a designated ATS route, at which the en route phase of a flight commences.

    USA — A preplanned instrument flight rule IFR traffic control departure procedure printed for pilot use in graphic form. ICAO - Graphic illustrations of a designated instrument flight rule IFR arrival route linking a significant pint, normally on an ATS route, with a point from which a published instrument approach procedure can be commenced. USA — A preplanned instrument flight rule IFR air traffic control arrival procedure published for pilot use in graphic form.

    Class B Airspace Terminal Control Area These charts depict the horizontal and vertical limits of Class B airspace established by the United States Federal Aviation Administration and provide orientation details for flights operation within the area. Qualification and Familiarization Charts Our Airport Qualification and Familiarization Service provides an innovative means of increasing situational awareness and improving safety.

    Although primarily designed for airline pilots, corporate and general aviation pilots have also found this service to be extremely useful. It presents an actual photograph of the runway environment, graphical presentation of terrain and other obstacles, and pertinent local traffic information. With this information, a pilot develops a good awareness of the airport environment prior to flying the actual approach. Selected airports only. Binders sold separately. Due to the publishing dates of these articles, some variance may exist between the information or symbology presented and that of current chart services.

    Read the Chart Clinic Reprints. In addition to your initial charts, you will also receive updates every 14 days for the life of your subscription.

    Please note: Download ITS Form. Airway Manual Calendar. Check here for the latest notices and alerts. Answers to commonly asked questions. Simply set up your service with us and the monthly fee is automatically deducted from your account. A monthly e-mail notification will be sent informing you of the transaction. Your subscription will continue until cancelled.

    No more hassles with annual renewal notices. Please call customer service at or 1

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